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There is a capacity gap identified to enhance and empower the organization’s performance. The rapid assessment revealed the existence of capacity gaps among government employees and emerging CSOs.No branch offices at woredas and zone level and at a regional level not furnished & equipped well. Enhance the capacity of the Human Resource to work effectively in the organization. Enhance the capacity of the government employee and emerging CSOs. Construct, equipped furnish regional, zonal and woreda branch office.


Conducts various training to equip the leaders of the organization with different developmental tools.

Sets up on job training policies and guidelines to develop and capacitate the organization’s staff.

Mobilizes funds from partner organizations in Ethiopia and abroad for training & construction of branch office.

The organization employs capacity building experts who will be able to train other staff.


Provide short-term training to 60 staff members and long term training (domestic or abroad) for 6 staff within three years.

Provides various capacity training to 10 other organizations and government sector offices.

Construct, equip & furnished 1 regional 1 zonal and 1woredas Branch office and furnish the pension within the plan period.