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Combating Gender-Based Violence

The culture of subjecting women as subordinate and considered as a property is our prime objective to stop as an organization. These are wide range issues like gender-based violence and its harmful practice in the Nuer society. As an organization dedicated to moving beyond barriers, and fight this vices and prejudices harmful practice, the following strategy is carried out to combat this uncivilized practice.

Educate the public in regard to violence against women and harmful traditional practices so as to improve gender equality, reduce gender-based violence and harmful traditional practices that are widely practiced in the target Woredas.


The strategy is to mobilized resources locally from the members’ contributions and raises fund from partner organizations to utilize the program effectively.

Establishes a firm relationship with the Regional Government in line with departments/Bureau to technically assist the organization through the implementation of the desired plan.

The organization employees qualify staff for the implementation of the program.

Use home to home community dialogue and forums as well as high leadership conferences