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Prevailing rampant poverty. Women participation in the family and community level is very low

Due to the gender inequality inculcated in the society by the culture and the socio-economic, political and patriarchal system of the society has been denied women’s opportunities to have access to economic and leadership and decision-making processes.


Improves the living standards and economic status of the vulnerable groups through income generation activities, developing business skills and provision of agricultural seeds & introducing technologies.


Creates linkage with microfinance to strengthen and empower vulnerable Women and hence, use professionals from the Regional Micro Finance Institute to provide business training and supervise income generation schemes.

The organization shall organize income generation schemes in the form of the Self Help Group Model.

design projects and program that aim to empower and enhance the capacity of the vulnerable Women in Gambella

Establish model cultivation farming and Cattle comp in the Nuer zone.


Enhance and capacitate 400 people through the provision of income generation/seed funds and business management training.

Empower the capacity of 300 women through tailoring and weaving technology.

Support self-supply water provision and horticulture development to 100 HH in the targeted woredas.

Constructions of 5 SW for the most unreached community to minimize distance and time spent to fetching water.

Establish one cultivation farm and construct one Cattle comp in Nuer zone within the plan period