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Fundamental Problem

The fundamental problem facing the health sector is inadequacy services. The rural people’s health situation affected more people yearly due to inaccessibility, and inability to afford further treatments. Pregnant women do not have regular follow up. This means the majority of women give birth at home. Thus, they experience the highest alarming rate of HIV/AIDS infection due to cultural influence and harmful traditional practice.

Our Goal

Reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and encourage pregnant women to deliver in Health posts and Health Centers.


Mobile resources local from the membership contribution and raises fund from partner organizations to utilize the program effectively.

The organization shall write a salable proposal and submit it to the organization after being appraised by the Health Bureau in Gambella.

The organization will utilize professions to carry out training and awareness to the target community by age group, occupation and gender segments, and HEW

The organization establishes strong with the Health Office at the Regional and Woredas levels.