Programs Summary

Through its five years strategic plan, NDA (Nuer Development Association) shall have the followings programs which are going to be executed/implemented according the objectives set forth in its article of Association: 

  • Expansion and increasing access of primary and secondary education and improving its quality, relevance and equity.
  • Elimination of harmful traditional practices through awareness creation and public mobilization.
  • Promotion of traditional dancing groups with the aim of making the people confidence of themselves and proud of their own culture and tradition through cultural promotion activities.
  • Expansion of basic health services by constructing health posts and health stations as well as Health centers in selected areas.
  • Improving maternal and child health services as well as health education services in collaboration with the local health authorities.
  • Establishing agricultural, animal and fish breeding centers and carry out extension services.
  • Provision of clean drinking and portable water by digging water boreholes and wells.
  • Business skills development and entrepreneurship by creating awareness and providing technical support and microcredit credit facilities.
  • Gender equality and human rights protection; leadership and governance, training and development.
  • Creating awareness programs on environmental and wildlife protection through seminars and forums.
  • Provision of relief during disasters and assist in rehabilitating the victims of the disaster afterward.

Below is a broad summary of the programs of the organization

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